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How Does It Work?

It is simple. You come in, tell us what type of bay you need and what you will be working on. Fill out a waiver. Then we enter you into our system. We guide you into the bay. Depending on which type of bay you are using, flat or with a lift, we will assist you to get your vehicle on the lift. We will show you the locations of the bathrooms, the water fountains, fire extinguishers, tools, kill switches. Then we will go through the tool chest. Then we will let you get started. It is a DIY garage after all but if you need guidance you can consult our advisors.  Our advisors can offer guidance but they will not do the job for you unless you have previously arrange for the project to be performed by someone else.

What Do I Get?

Compressed air, toolbox/workbench with basic tool sets (metric and standard), exhaust vent system, pliers, hammers, crowbars, oil disposal, creepers (upon request), 12 ton press

When we enter you into our system you will have as much as our database can offer regarding the job you want to do, including where it is located in the vehicle, tools needed and or parts needed.

The most common jobs we see in our garage are:​ Oil ChangesBrake JobsStruts, ShocksBall joints, bearings, and bushingsLift KitsLeveling KitsClutch JobsTransmission SwapEngine Swap

Oil Changes

This is definitely a staple – everybody comes here for oil changes We have both high and low drain pans, we will recycle your waste oil (and other fluids) and dispose of your old filter.  If you don’t have the oil and filter you need we can order it up from one of our partner auto parts stores and have it brought to you.

Brake Jobs

Probably second on our list of things done most frequently here, brake jobs are something that nearly anyone of any mechanical experience can get done – and if you are not sure, we’re here to help.  Don’t have the brake pads you need? Got the wrong ones sent to you?  We will get you the right stuff sent directly to your bay. We recycle the brake pads and rotors too, no need to figure out how you’re going to get that dirty-as-all-get-out stuff home or to a recycle center. Bleeding brakes is made easy with our one-person brake bleeding tool too!

Struts, Shocks, lower control arms, ball joints, bearings, and bushings

We also get a lot of suspension work done at our place. These are pretty important, constantly in use and definitely wear items, a lot of money can be saved by doing it yourself.

Lift Kits

A lift kit contains modified items that are installed on your vehicle in order to lift its body or suspension away from the road. Installing a body or suspension lift kit means that there is often much greater clearance between the underside of your vehicle’s chassis and the road or ground, if off-road. We have the equipment on-hand to make sure the install is a success. A shop usually charges $75-$100 an hour for labor in addition to the cost of a lift kit for $300-$3000!

Leveling Kits

While leveling kits may not get as much attention as complete suspension lift kits, truck leveling kits are nonetheless important pieces of equipment for a variety of reasons. They are useful on vehicles where weight distribution causes a vehicle to have an uneven stance. For example, a modified truck with a heavy-duty winch and front bumper mount is heavier on the front end due to the added weight of the extra hardware, and thus may sag unevenly towards the front, causing an imbalance in your suspension.

Clutch Jobs

Typical lifespan for a clutch is between 65 and 100,000 miles – depending on driving habits, of course. While clutch replacements can be more difficult to do and require more knowledge and research, they’re certainly not impossible and our customers have shown that repeatedly; it certainly helps to have a friend or family member along who is familiar with the process. Typical clutch jobs can take between 6-8 hours and cost between $600-$1000 when done at a shop. Definitely a chance to save yourself some good money here by doing it yourself.

Transmission Swap and Engine Swap

Swapping in entire transmissions gets done fairly frequently too. Again, knowledge and experience can really come into play here and make your project considerably easier or much more difficult. Manual or automatic transmission, you need to have exactly the replacement needed before starting the project. If you’re sending out a transmission to be rebuilt, we can push your car into our parking lot until the transmission is ready for reinstall; then we’ll push it back into a bay. No charge on the parking lot stay for up to two weeks, beyond that it is $25 a day.

Use Your Mechanical Knowledge And Skills Or Learn New Ones.

Advisors are available, upon request, to help with guidance but the project is yours.

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