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How Does It Work?

Please bring your own respirator, paint, spray guns, and masking supplies. You can rent it for a weekend full day, weekend half day, weekday full day or weekday half day.

  • A weekend full day is a slot of 10 hours

  • A weekend half day is a slot of 5 hours

  • A full weekday is a slot of 10 hours

  • A half weekday is a slot of 5 hours

You must clean and pick up after you are done with your project.

What Is The Size Of The Paint Booth?

The size of the paint booth 14’ wide x 27’ long x 9’ tall.

What Do I Get?

We will provide: dry air, air hose, area to mix paint, and an area to clean spray guns.

Can I Do Body Work Here?

You can do some body work outside if it doesn’t create a lot of dust or fumes. Please no heavy plaster or fiberglass work. Small projects are acceptable but please ask before starting. Absolutely no body work inside the paint booth.

Use Your Mechanical Knowledge And Skills Or Learn New Ones.

Advisors are available, upon request, to help with guidance but the project is yours.

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