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How Does It Work?

Classes are generally one to three hours long.  We require payment up front because we prepare classes in advance, print materials, hire instructors and cannot cancel due to no-shows.  We also cannot offer refunds. We will take stand-ins if you can get someone to sub in for you in the case that you cannot make it.

What Do I Get?

Classes and Workshops available

  • Adult car basics

  • Teen Driver, Maintenance class

  • How to change filters and oil

  • How to do a brake job

  • Adult car basics

Putting on and taking off a tire, where and how you would find the pinch points/jacking points on your car and how they vary on different vehicles, the dynamics of the brake system, what is underneath the vehicle/what those parts do, what is underneath the hood and what the various fluids are for, how to hook up a jump box in case you are stranded by a dead battery and several other things.

  • Teen Driver Maintenance class $75

We will go over the car basic functions, fluid checking, minor repairs such as windshield wipers, fuses, lights and changing a tire.

If you have ideas of your own, please contact us about putting together a workshop for you and a few friends and we can set up a two to three hour workshop to go over just about any subject.

Use Your Mechanical Knowledge And Skills Or Learn New Ones.

Advisors are available, upon request, to help with guidance but the project is yours.

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