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Bay Rentals

How Does It Work?

Simple, come in, tell us what type of bay you need and your project. Then fill out a waiver, we will enter you into our system. We will walk you to the bay while one of our staff pulls your vehicle into the shop. Depending on which type of bay you will be using, we will pull into either a flat bay or into a lift bay and lift it for you. We will point the locations of the bathrooms, the water fountains, fire extinguishers, tool chests and kill switches. Then we will go through the tool chest with you to show you that all of the tools are there and ready to go. Then we will let you get to work.

What Do I Get With Bay Rentals?

The price of the bay rental includes:

  • A tool chest with most tools needed for your project. 

  • Workbench space for parts assembly and disassembly.

  • Compressed air – dried and regulated, with hose reel.

  • Coil tools.

  • Common hand tools and heavy duty impact tools.

  • Electricity – each bay has its own outlet.

  • Exhaust ventilation – indoor car or motorcycle testing.

​​Additional charges apply for specialty tools. Everyone is welcome to bring their own tools and equipment.


What Are The Types Of Bays Available?

  • Flat bays without a lift

  • 10,000 lb capacity 2 post lift for car or truck

  • 1,500 lb capacity lift for motorcycle, four wheel or side by side vehicles

What Are The Rules?

  • Limit of 4 people per service bay

  • Must be 18-years or older to rent a service bay

  • Must be 12-years or older and with an accompanying guardian to be in a bay. 

  • Alcohol or Smoking are not allowed on premises

  • Closed-toe shoe are required

  • Safety glasses and gloves are advised

  • Fluid spills must be cleaned up IMMEDIATELY

  • Only Authorized Personnel may operate lifts

  • All shop tools must be wiped off and returned to the attendant BEFORE you check out

  • We are not responsible for personal injury or any damage to your property

  • Report any broken tools or machines to the attendant

  • Respect each other’s personal space

  • Paint must be mixed in the paint mixing area ONLY

  • NOTHING can block the fire exits or fire extinguishers

  • Do not leave keys on the ignition for extended periods of time

  • You must use the hose to vent out exhaust fumes any time a vehicle is running

  • Be aware of your surrounding at all times. The shop is a dynamic and potentially dangerous environment

  • Failure to follow these rules may result in denial of service without a refund

  • Rags must be disposed of into the proper containers. DO NOT throw them into trash

Use Your Mechanical Knowledge And Skills Or Learn New Ones.

Advisors are available, upon request, to help with guidance but the project is yours.

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